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Walmart App App Store Listing

Walmart is the number one retailer in the US and should have an app to match. As the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way customers shopped, Walmart stepped up its offerings in the mobile space to facilitate additional options, including curbside delivery and grocery pickup.


In 2023, Walmart merged its previous Wellness App offerings into the main app, giving customers the option to fill and transfer prescriptions, access $4 generics, sign up for instore wellness events, and provide access to vision services.


As art director, I communicated with Walmart’s Mobile Marketing and supervised the internal design process with my team to create inspirational screenshots. Vibrant colors with an eye on the Walmart visual brand resulted in increased downloads of the app and attention from media.


With freedom to get creative, Walmart deployed paid search strategies in the App Store, and directed certain keywords to personalized screens that would more effectively respond to users’ queries.


My process


Created Team TB

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