Insightly Marketing Website Redesign

When I interviewed at Insightly, I was told they were looking for someone to re-design their webpage. Their website at the time reminded me of a middle school library webpage from 2000. I wanted to bring Insightly a new look and feel, reflecting the agile and cheerful nature of Insightly.

Included on this study are three pages:

          •          Homepage

          •          Pricing

          •          Features


Web design with Photoshop and Illustrator

A/B testing with Optimizely


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Simplified menu

Easy navigation to important marketing materials

Eye-catching stock imagery

Per CEO's request, non-business stock imagery used to provide brand image

Bold slogans

Immediate brand awareness

Simple feature descriptions

Lets the visitor know what Insightly includes, right off the bat.

Pricing model

Lets the visitor know exactly what Insightly will cost upfront


TechValidate survey lets visitor know the value of Insightly

Access to support documents

Is Insightly right for you? What is a CRM? I wanted to be transparent about what Insightly is and the value it can provide a customer.

Improved footer

Easy access to buried pages, SEO optimization, and badges and awards received.

Redesigned Features Page

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On-brand stock imagery

Per CEO's request, non-business stock imagery used to provide brand image









Inviting demo video

Easy to view





Features carousel

An inside view into our UI and feature set

A/B Testing

Using Optimizely, we ran experiments on many pages, but focused on the Pricing page, as it was where all external banners linked to. We tested CTA copy and placement, as well as page layouts.

Full feature layout
Truncated layout (winner)

We discovered the right side worked better at getting people into the trial, possibly because there was less page to scroll through to get to the "Sign Up" button.

We also worked with showing and hiding video modules, explanatory text, and even the page headlines themselves.

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